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What are the best winter flowers to give?

In the aftermath of a colorful fall, we prepare ourselves for a frozen winter. Nevertheless, your lawn doesn't have to be dead and dull. As winter approaches, your garden will be adorned with a multitude of sweet-smelling and colourful flowers.

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There are still plenty of plants and flowers that survive this cold climate. Hence, these winter-flowering plants add a bright burst of color to your garden or any room of your home, providing a welcome contrast to the cold, dreary months to come. In this post, let's look at some of the finest winter flowers that you can send or receive to brighten someone's day.

The multi-colored Viola

These tiny, delicate flowers known as violas, light up gray days with their happy color and sweet fragrance. Known as the relatives of pansies, violas are smaller but produce more flowers per plant. They come in blue, yellow, white, cream, and bi-colored varieties which makes them the best winter wedding flowers.

Calendula winter wonders

This flower belongs to the family Asteroideae, a genus that has about 15-20 species. Famously known as pot marigolds, these beautiful blooms are found in many parts of the world. Its varieties include marsh marigolds, corn marigolds, and desert marigolds. During the winter months, it makes an attractive flower with its long flowering period and green foliage. So, you can include them in your winter flowers bouquet without thinking much.

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Cup-shaped crocus

Winter becomes spring when these cup-shaped flowers bloom through the snow, often peeking through the cover of snow. Their vibrant color comes in handy when you are adding color to rock gardens or walkways. It is for this reason that you can get them in bouquets.

The gorgeous pansy

It's difficult to get wrong with pansies in your winter garden and arrangements. Pansy is a tough flower and is available in a wide variety of colors, from sunshine yellow to moody violet. They typically start to bloom in the month of December. In winter, their vibrant colors add vibrancy to the harsh landscape. So, if you want these blooms, flower delivery in Virginia Beach can get them to your doorstep.

The quintessential winterberry

Winterberry is one of the most iconic winter shrubs. This shrub loses its leaves but the heavy berry-laden branches are stunningly silhouetted against the snow. Berry branches can be cut and brought inside to add a festive touch to any home.

English primrose

Primroses are perennials with showy flowers that bloom in the fall, winter, and spring. Besides blooming in spring or summer, the English variety begins to show off in winter. These five-petaled flowers appear in a range of showy colors, including red, pink, blue, white, yellow, and orange. So, if you want to get your hands on them, florist Norfolk VA is where you should head.

The dense winter jasmine

Winter jasmine is a semi-evergreen shrub with droplet-like flowers that grows to 5 feet tall. Its densely spread bright yellow flowers look like a warm blanket on cold winter days. Jasmine flowers are not scented, but they are beautifully displayed in winter landscapes.

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