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What flowers represent healing and strength?

Flowers are beautiful and there is no doubt about that, but there is more to flowers than just a pretty appearance. Flowers for ages have been a part of human life starting from the ancient Greek period where flowers were a sacred offering to gods and goddesses to modern day use of flowers at various occasions.

  • flowers represent healing

Another thing about flowers that is sometimes overlooked is their significance. Yes, if not all but most of the flowers around us have been associated with feelings, emotions and have a specific meaning. There are flowers that represent healing, some promote positivity, others express how one feels.

Here are some flowers that symbolize strength and healing which you can add to your surrounding or give to people around you who might need it-


To begin with flowers symbolic of healing, Sage is a popular choice. We all are aware of cleansing rituals where you burn dry sage around to clear the air and vibrations around you. The sage flower is a pretty purple stack of tiny dot-like petals. This flower is tall and grows close to the grass. The word ‘sage’ itself comes from a Latin word “salvere” which translates to heal that is to feel well and healthy and ward off any negativity.


Another popular flower that is well known for its calming vibes is this purple flower. A favorite in fresh flowers you can get it from the best florist Norfolk VA. Lavenders also are super tall, bushy and gorgeous. They are a spring bloom and interestingly they belong to the mint family. You might have seen vast lands covered with this amazing flower. The flower itself is known to have stress relieving properties and is commonly used to extract substances like oil, herbs and also potpourri.


One of the best flowers that symbolize hope and healing, jasmines are known for their divine scent. They are these small white buds that develop into these pearly white flowers along with a bright green stem and leaves. These stay green all year round making them easily available. Since the petals are smaller in size they work best as filler flowers when it comes to bouquets and arrangements. In a lot of cultures jasmine flowers are made into garlands and used as a symbol of love and respect.

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A happy flower with a wide family and species, daisies are great to grow, to have as decor or for flower bouquets. You will find different kinds of daisies like gerberas, asters, english daisy, florist daisy and more. With each daisy the symbolism differs but generally daisies are known to symbolize new beginning, strength, joy and also motherhood. No matter which daisy you pick, with it you will feel you will get a sense of joy and warmth.

With the best florist in Virginia Beach you can get your hands on these beautiful flowers which will not just bring light to your space, but would be a meaningful part of your life and others.

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